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The mailing list is dedicated to anything related to the hammer(ed) dulcimer, including, but not limited to

This list is populated by hammer dulcimer afficianados of all stripes from "thinking about getting one" to professional performers and teachers. You may well see posts from the likes of (in alphabetical order)


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The Bulletin board

No, not a BB for exchanging messages, but a place for people to post pictures and other attachments that can't go on the list. For now, you need to send things to me (address at the bottom of this page), and I'll put the stuff up and post a link on the mailing list. I may even wrap a web page around some stuff. Here are some interesting links:

Workshop Material

At the 2014 WinterFest, I did a workshop and handed out a sheet of tips for those learning and practicing the hammered dulcimer.