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Subject: Re: [HD] Ed Haley dulcimer hammers
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Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2020 08:21:08 -0600
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Subject: Re: [HD] Ed Haley dulcimer hammers
From: Kenneth Kolodner <kenkolodner@aol.com>
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2020 14:21:04 +0000 (UTC)
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Hi Peter:

Ed Haley (with the "y" on the end) was a legendary old-time fiddler. His renditions of fiddle tunes are copied by fiddlers everywhere. John Hartford did a whole recording of "Ed Haley" tunes. Perhaps that is where you got the "y"! 

On the other hand, Ed Hale (No "y") indeed used to make both hammered dulcimers and hammers. Many players use Ed Hale's hammers. I use them! Super simple design but many players really like the balance. Ed ceased to make them. But Russell Cook has stepped in. He recently sent me 4 pairs. I wrote up a long review for Master Works. My conclusion is that Russell and his crew has done a super job of reproducing Ed's hammers. I believe they will be ready to sell them very shortly. I'll be speaking with Russell today hopefully.

And Peter and others, check out Ed Haley. A casual youtube and internet search will reveal plenty. He died in 1951 but his versions of fiddle tunes live on among countless fiddlers. He had a unique style and vast repertoire. My son and I recorded (on Swift House in 2017) an Ed Haley standard that is widely played today: Half Past Four.    

Ken Kolodner
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Subject: Re: [HD] Ed Haley dulcimer hammers

A couple of years ago or so, I happened across a website (or maybe a webpage) for a fellow who made dulcimer hammers. If I remember, I believe he was named Ed Haley. I had received a pair of what looked like his hammers when I acquired a used Dusty Strings D-35 close to 20 years ago, & the former owner included them.
Anyway, to make a longish story mercifully shorter, I'm interested in trying to locate Ed Haley & his website to try verify if the hammers I have were indeed made by him, or at least appear to be made in the style of his hammer design. 
The problem is this: last time I looked (several years ago), I quickly came across his website & a number of other HD folk who were using, recommending & selling his hammers. But now, when I Google "Ed Haley dulcimer hammer," I only come up with hits about a banjo player of that name. So, I may have misremembered the maker's name, but it sure seems familiar to me. 
So, if you have any info on any of the following, I'd love to hear from you: 1) Is there an HD hammer maker named Ed Haley? 2) Is he still making hammers? 3) Do you know how to contact him or reach his website? 4) If I'm mistaken about the name of my mystery hammer maker, do you have any thoughts re: who makes hammers that have double-sided heads, are a bit old timey-looking, chunky with large rounded & slightly oval heads (1 3/8" x 2") with a hole in the center, 9" long shaft that is 1/2" wide, & a chunky handle whereto grip is 1/4" at its narrowest part. 
I'm aware that these do not appear to have been made by any of the really well known & sorta mainstream hammer makers, like Dusty Strings, Masterworks, Jill Weimer, Songbird, Bob Bedard, etc. 
There is one more clue to this mystery hammer puzzle: I have seen a couple of pair of hammers similar to the ones I've described on a video about hammers by Ted Yoder. 
Mine resemble the 2 pair in the middle of the array of hammers he shows & discusses (especially the pair on the left). In the video, he says they're made by Bob Bedard, but they don't look anything like his familiar double-sided hammers which are somewhat sleeker & more meticulously finished (I have a pair of Bob's Harlequin hammers). When I consulted Bob's website, I don't see anything that remotely resembles mine or the mystery 2 pair in the center of Ted Yoder's array of hammers. 
THANK YOU in advance for any info!!!
BTW: I'm trying to find a pair of these because I really like the grip & the sound--they are the least "thunky" sounding hammers (of my 40 or so pairs from many makers) for my Dusty Strings D-550. By "thunky," I mean that unintended hammer thunk / thud noise that accompanies the intended note being played. 
Again, thanks a bunch!!!
All the best,
(in Silicon Valley in the SF Bay Area)

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