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Re: [HD] What tunes do you play in your area?

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Subject: Re: [HD] What tunes do you play in your area?
From: Sara Johnson <kitchiegal@mac.com>
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2015 11:58:00 -0400
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Dave Lovelace points out that not all folks are involved with  the same kinds of music, whatever region they live in, so you really need to talk also about your specific genre of music.  We live in Cincinnati, but the hammer dulcimer is no longer as popular in the area, so we haven't played with any groups here for years. But we also come now from background of paper-trained musicians, contra, historical, Irish, Scottish fiddle music and Scottish dance. We've spent several years now doing 18th century music, so if there are any reenactors out there and you are passing through the southern Ohio/ Indiana/ Kentucky area, give us a call….and we have lots of music to swap if you are interested. Been doing historical dances or entertainment for small groups, and also have connections with Colonial Williamsburg and a couple of historic sites in this area, so give a holler if you are passing through our area and/or need a tune or a spare pewter button for your knee britches…..  (Favorite tunes??? Knives and Forks, One Wife is Enough For Me, Rhyban Morfydd, and The Blackbird…..)

Sara  and Maynard Johnson 

On Jul 21, 2015, at 12:40 AM, Heli L. Roosild <heliel@earthlink.net> wrote:

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Subject: Re: [HD] What tunes do you play in your area?
(I've read several earlier posts replying to Heli's original post.)

Having said all that, I'm NOT intending to discourage anyone from replying to Heli's original request.  These lists are interesting.  But if you tend to play some specific genre, you might mention that.
I'm not going to offer a list of my own.  These days I mostly don't frequent dulcimer-oriented jams.  I play with some mostly paper-trained contradance musicians, so the bulk of our repertoire comes from some tune books (the Ruffwater book, the Portland books, the Waltz Books), & also play for Scottish country dancing (sets of tunes chosen mostly from Susie Petrov's book & Liz Donaldson's blue & pink books, with handouts for the original tunes of many dances).  Hard to come up with a meaningful, brief list.  The Scottish things are chosen to go with specific dances being taught or just danced.  The contra repertoire has varied a lot, partly due to the floating & changing membership of the group.  Things we used to play all the time just 3 or 4 years ago are completely unfamiliar to a lot of our current musicians.  (So you'd at best get a snapshot of tunes we play a lot *now*.)
-- Dave Lovelace
   davelovelace at gmail dot com

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