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For those who can't (or just don't want to) computerize their music, check out Discgear online.  It's totally manual.  You number each CD and place it in the storage rack. Then, in a separate folio you keep liner notes, play lists etc.  All the plastic gets pitched.  There's a slide on the rack which you move to the number of the CD you want.  When you open the door, the device automatically picks up the individual CD for you to remove.  I know it sounds awful, but easier than my description seems.  Reminds me of some of the old juke boxes.
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Subject: Re: [HD] CD packaging thoughts
I'm in the process of recording all my CDs onto the computer and onto the IPOD.   After one of the sons did that, he gave away all the CDs.   I'm not to the point where I can bring myself to do that, at least not yet.   BUT, I really do like the thinner sleeve with no plastic, just on general prindciples.   What about using a really interesting color for the sleeve, so that I could identify it, even though it doesn't have a "spine?"   Maybe that would satisfy the people who feel they need a spine.   For me, just get it out and I'll get one and enjoy it.   Probably from the IPOD.   My ears are deteriorating about as fast as everything else, so I'm not discerning subtle differences in sounds.  

Looking forward to hearing it, Karen.  
You'll never please everyone.   Just please yourself on this one and trust that we'll all end up getting a copy.
I'm in, for sure, and people who enjoy good dulcimer will end up getting it, whether it's their favorite packaging or not. 

Best Wishes

At 09:30 AM 3/6/2015, you wrote:
I think most people throw away the packages anyway and keep the insert and disc in a different way

On 3/5/2015 7:47 PM, Karen Ashbrook wrote:
My new CD of meditative solo HD music, will be simple and a low budget project. I'd like to just make it a CD wallet (cardboard sleeve) or at most a 4 panel eco wallet, but that means it won't have a spine you can read the title on. A digi-pack has a plastic tray that widens the package so there is a spine, but it has a huge piece of plastic. For the environment and slender, light packing, I really just want the sleeve. Thoughts?


Music is the mediation between the intellectual and sensual life.

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