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From: Jon Weinberg <jon@JonWeinberg.com>
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2014 15:58:23 -0400
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I repurposed a hihg-end folding baby stroller (Aprica or Graco - can't remember 
which it is) found on a morning walk, that someone had put out on their curb 
for trash pickup.  I did ask if I could have it and they were happy to get rid 
of it.

I removed the baby seat and shade bonnet, keeping the bottom basket that 
collapses when it's folded.

It works great - lightweight, stable and manuverable, and folds up easily to 
about the same size as a Wonder Wheeler.  It holds 2 hammered dulcimers, or one 
dulcimer and my guitar, plus a stand and gig bag.  It even has water bottle 
holders molded into the handle!

It rolls over about anything (I take it to Evart each year)  Highly recommended 
if you can find one.

Jon Weinberg

On Sun, 31 Aug 2014 19:44:52 GMT, you wrote:

>I've seen Eileen's converted jogging stroller, and it seems a reworked 
>stroller of this sort is a brilliant solution! It looks to be very stable, 
>adaptable to many kinds of walkways and even "off road" use. The brakes are a 
>nice touch, too! 
>My own solution is a bit simpler, but also pretty effective for my usual 
>needs. I generally use a folding shopping cart for "urban" and "suburban" 
>use--one of those very light weight vertical ones that folds and unfolds very 
>easily & quickly, is exceptionally light weight, and easily fits in my trunk 
>and leaves lotsa room there for other stuff (like folding chairs, other 
>instruments, etc. Shopping carts like this are made of wire. Mine has 
>steerable wheels and is just big enough to fit my Dusty Strings D-300I 
>hammered dulcimer, a mountain dulcimer in a hard shell case, a folding HD 
>tripod sorta stand, a board on which the mountain dulcimer sits upon my lap,. 
>I can also slip in my folding chair under the cart handle and strap it on. The 
>fact that the cart is vertical and the instruments fit vertically within it 
>makes it very easy to fit through doors and roll through restaurants, pubs, 
>houses, etc. Note: it works best on flat level surfaces, as it isn't designed 
>for all terrain use. I
>don't recommend it for rolling over gravel, dirt, heavily cracked and warped 
>sidewalks, etc. 
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>Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2014 10:43:44 -0700
>From: eileen george <eileen1950george@yahoo.com>
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>A modified jogging stroller for carting a hammered dulcimer works marvelously! 
> I've made two now from jogging strollers I picked up at yard sales for very 
>cheap, like under $10.  I ripped off the seat, flipped the canopy frame 
>backwards so that it is behind the pushing handle, which works as a backstop 
>for the hammered dulcimer, stand, and other music stuff that you carry.  The 
>front of the dulcimer rests where the child's feet would rest.  Bungie-cord it 
>all together, and it is quite stable and easily rolled.  It even has brakes!
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Jon Weinberg 

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