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Re: [HD] music device (per PS)

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Subject: Re: [HD] music device (per PS)
From: Janis Lewman <jllewman@icloud.com>
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2014 20:41:05 -0400
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I find all this intriguing, especially since I am contemplating upgrading to 
something from my current original iPad.
In the perfect world, we'd all have music memorized and not need paper or 
gadgets, but that isn't the reality of it.
I missed the iPad workshop discussion at Evart this year.  Perhaps someone will 
do another next year?  Please!!

And please keep the comments coming…I suspect more than a few of us are 
interested in this topic.
Janis Lewman
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> Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2014 11:52:59 -0400
> From: "PS" <pamelajo@bright.net>
> To: "Hammered Dulcimers" <hdlist@hammered-dulcimers.org>
> Subject: Re: [HD] music device
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> Hi Vicki and all, 
> I use ForScore to store my music on my ipad.. I don?t know much about other 
> programs, they may be as good. I just don?t know about them. Forscore is user 
> friendly and that is what I am after. 
> With in ForScore I have started Genres for sheet music and then  one for 
> Ukulele tab. Within my Genre?s the music scanned or sent to Forscore will go 
> to a ?no Genres? category and then also  to ?All scores? .. All scores stores 
> it all until deleted from Ipad.  The ?no Genres?  is an easy place to find 
> new transfers/new downloads to ipad.  I then go in and change genres to 
> appropriate area.  ie uke music.   I separate them because when you get a lot 
> of files, you wont want to be wading through all your sheet music to find a 
> uke tab. 
> Also when putting them in, I name them very specifically.. ie Boil Dem 
> Cabbage, Key D,  uke, Joe blow?s version.  That way you can find what you are 
> looking for. You may have 4 versions of a certain song but one may have 
> wonderful chords or be an advanced version.  You can name the song anything. 
> Boil Dem Cabbage harmony etc. 
> I used to use unreal book.. it is ok but some files that I want to transfer 
> from an email wont download into unreal as easy as ForScore. 
> Also in Forscore I start Setlists.  ie if you come home from Evart and want 
> to remember and practice those new songs. When you scan them in, put them in 
> a new song set list. or if you have been to an extended workshop you can put 
> them in a specific workshop set list. 
> Some folks start set lists by key.  I started a setlist of classical sheet 
> music for HD etc. also Christmas tunes etc.  
> Hope this helps. I know enough to be dangerous but would be glad to try to 
> help if you have questions.  Will be at Midland 
> Pam 

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