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Re: [HD] Want to learn this song...suggestiins

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Subject: Re: [HD] Want to learn this song...suggestiins
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Hi Donetta,
Just a suggestion.. I am fairly new too.  If you google it, there are versions of this song in chords.  âUsuallyâ the melody notes are within the chords.  listen and learn the song well enough so that you can sing it, in your head if nothing else and then try to plunk out the basic melody. By knowing the chords that belong, then you can add some simple embellishment to it.
I am sure others will have a different way they approach a song that they want to play.
Sent: Thursday, June 05, 2014 3:05 PM
Subject: [HD] Want to learn this song...suggestiins

I live this song. Everytime I hear it I think how awesome this song would be with HD. It's this song possible...I am new in playing. Not much lessons. But this song would be worth so much.
Never once by matt Redman
If someone has played it on hd could I please hear it?

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