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Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2013 09:30:18 -0400
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I've used Noteworthy for many years and have been pretty happy with it as a not very literate music person. Since I play a lot in church, many of the hymns we play are on NetHymnal (formerly Cyber Hymnal) in Noteworthy format. Saves me a lot of time entering the music. A bit of clean up for our use and then I can transpose to a dulcimer friendly key when necessary. What I find frustrating is having the enter to Chord names using Insert/Text which do not update when one transposes to another key. If there are any Noteworthy users out there that can tell me a better way to enter chord names, I'd appreciate some help. Otherwise, it's great for simple use. It doesn't do Mountain Dulcimer tab. For that I use TableEdit.

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I too am a long time user of Noteworthy Composer and am very happy with it for all the same reasons as Mary. It's PC only - no Mac verson...

There isn't much notation-wise it can't do although note entry is not as easy as point-and-shoot. Like most of this software it takes a little time investment and reading the help manual to get the most out of it and learn the little shortcuts that make it much easier to use for common things. For instance I set up template jig and reel files that have all the settings I like. For a new tune I only need to change the key signature (if different) and the ending bar to/from a Master Repeat Close or not.

If I were doing it over these days I'd probably look into MuseScore which is free and runs on both PCs and Macs. I haven't had the time to learn it yet to compare it to Noteworthy but on the surface is seem to have many of the same capabilities.

Jon W

On Sun, 4 Aug 2013 12:19:58 -0700 (PDT), Mary Richardson <stanmary@sbcglobal.net> wrote:

I have Noteworthy and I just love it. It is only about $49 right now. I bought it when it was #25. It allows you to add staves abd adds measures as you go instead of picking a specific number when you start. You can change atime signature and key inside a piece for the measures you want. The pick-up is easy because you can put as many notes per measure and it will make them fit perfectly. You can adjust the print out size so it will fit on a page. I assume the current version has all these features. You get a lot for the money. It does not have tab for mountain dulcimer. I don't know about guitar, This isn't a feature I need. I just use it to know what a song sounds like and to get a nice copy when a song is written. I'm sorry for being so chatty.


From: Roland De Fleur <rolandefleur@gmail.com>
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Sent: Thursday, August 1, 2013 8:52 PM
Subject: Re: [HD] Songwriter or Finale

Gibboney Vicki asked specifically for the following features:

One annoying feature is trying to get more staves on the page.  I want a
fit to page function.

**Normal Finale allows you to scale the page or the individual staves, so (if you eyes are good enough) you can get all the music you like on one page.

Another is fitting measures on the first line
when there is a pickup measure.

**The Pickup capability, now that it is fixed, works well in scaling the measure. There is a feature to auto-space the notes in a measure based on Notes or Beats. You can also space the music based on the lyrics.

And I've never been able to enter notes
with my midi keyboard.  The notes jumble into odd values (16th, 32nds,
etc.)  I guess I can work around other "problems" which I can't think of
right now.

**That sounds like a quantization problem. Have you tried to adjust it so it has more tolerance of uneven tempos. Personally I have *always* used the computer keyboard rather than midi keyboard mainly because the notation is exactly what I type. It is a combination of numeric and letter typing. One gives the note value the other the pitch. It actually works pretty efficiently once you get used to it.

I guess I don't know what I'd be missing if I didn't move
up to Finale from Songwriter.  Maybe not much that I would need.

Does Finale support tablature for mountain dulcimers? (3 lines, not 6 as for guitar).

** I honestly have not tried to do much with the tablature, I've only recently dusted off my Autoharps and began to dream of building/playing a hammered dulcimer. I'm more of a brass/wind/keyboard player :-) Played violin for a while, So I can't comment directly, but I can check in the program, or you could probably just query MusicMaker's forum.

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