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Subject: Re: [HD] Songwriter or Finale
From: Roland De Fleur <rolandefleur@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2013 21:52:03 -0400
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Gibboney Vicki asked specifically for the following features:

>>One annoying feature is trying to get more staves on the page.  I want a fit to page function. 

**Normal Finale allows you to scale the page or the individual staves, so (if you eyes are good enough) you can get all the music you like on one page.

>>Another is fitting measures on the first line when there is a pickup measure. 

**The Pickup capability, now that it is fixed, works well in scaling the measure. There is a feature to auto-space the notes in a measure based on Notes or Beats. You can also space the music based on the lyrics.

>>And I've never been able to enter notes with my midi keyboard.  The notes jumble into odd values (16th, 32nds, etc.)  I guess I can work around other "problems" which I can't think of right now. 

**That sounds like a quantization problem. Have you tried to adjust it so it has more tolerance of uneven tempos. Personally I have *always* used the computer keyboard rather than midi keyboard mainly because the notation is exactly what I type. It is a combination of numeric and letter typing. One gives the note value the other the pitch. It actually works pretty efficiently once you get used to it.

>>I guess I don't know what I'd be missing if I didn't move up to Finale from Songwriter.  Maybe not much that I would need.

>>Does Finale support tablature for mountain dulcimers?  (3 lines, not 6 as for guitar).

** I honestly have not tried to do much with the tablature, I've only recently dusted off my Autoharps and began to dream of building/playing a hammered dulcimer. I'm more of a brass/wind/keyboard player :-) Played violin for a while,  So I can't comment directly, but I can check in the program, or you could probably just query MusicMaker's forum.
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