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Re: [HD] contact mics - and Pickup-the-World pickups

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Subject: Re: [HD] contact mics - and Pickup-the-World pickups
From: Jon Weinberg <jon@JonWeinberg.com>
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2013 21:31:25 -0400
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Hi Bea (and others) -

Another thing to try is lower the gain on your preamp.  That may be a mixed 
blessing but it might help.

I too use Pickup-the-World pickups and they are wonderful if anyone is looking 
into HD pickups - very transparent.

They require a preamp close to the pickup or they don't have enough gain to 
drive anything.

I've been using them for years.  At first with a single pickup mounted on top 
of the soundboard next to the bottom rail (between the treble and bass 
bridges).  This setup with the preamp was very high gain and with hard 
hammering and lots of sustain could sound distorted.

My new setup follows their mounting recommendations which eliminates this 
problem:  bend the pickup and stick half on the soundboard and half on the 
rail.  If you have handhold holes on the back of your instrument so that you 
have access to the inside it's less obtrusive to mount the pickup(s) on the 
inside of the instrument - just seal the unfinished wood surface with some glue 
or urethane first or else the pickup will eventually come unstuck.

BTW I use one in my Gibson guitar which sounds much more natural than the 
Fishman bridge pickup it came with (which sounds metallic).  At one point 
everyone in the band I was in had a Pickup-the-World pickup in their instrument 
(fiddle, guitar, mandolin, bass, HD) - no mics and we just sounded acoustic.  
Good stuff.

Hope this helps.


Jon Weinberg

Jon Weinberg 

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