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[HD] New Tunes for April - Kitchen Musician

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Subject: [HD] New Tunes for April - Kitchen Musician
From: Maynard Johnson <roguecello440@mac.com>
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2012 15:52:03 -0400
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I'm three days late getting the April tune up on http://www.kitchenmusician.net/

Although April Fools' Day is over, I have added a "workhorse" English country 
dance tune "The Comical Fellow", in D, with guitar chords.
I've also put up an 18th century English humourous song, The Life of a Beau, or 
The Beau's Life "as sung by Mrs. Clive at Ddrury Lane Theatre".  It's in 6/8, 
but could be done in fast waltz tempo by counting it in 3.  The original is in 
Gm, which fiddlers may love, but I have also put it up in A minor for those who 
don't like playing fast runs containing B flats.  The term "beau" is dated, but 
the sentiment of the lyric could be applied today...perhaps to some TV "talking 
heads" or certain celebrities...none of whom would rhyme.

"How brimful of nothing's the life of a beau; They have nothing to think on, 
they've nothing to do. They have nothing to talk on for nothing they know. Such 
is the life of a beau."

Since income taxes are due on the 16th, the anniversary of Bonnie Prince 
Charlie's defeat at Culloden in 1746, I have also put up a "Bonnie Prince 
Charlie" song "Charlie Is My Darling", from a version found in an 1847 American 
songster.  There are two versions in the original D minor - one with a single 
line and guitra chords, one with a bass line.  FOr those that don't like D 
minor, there  are the same versions in E minor.

And for fun, the old April Fools' Day version of "Over the Waterfall" is back.


Kitchen Musician Book No. 19 is just about here.  It will be much bigger than 
any of the earlier books, with 102 tunes from Scotland, Ireland, France, 
England and early America, with historical notes and playing tips, and the 
occasional variation.

Maynard Johnson
Kitchen Musician Website
Jink and Diddle School of Scottish Fiddling

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