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Re: [HD] playing HD outdoors in rain or damp

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Subject: Re: [HD] playing HD outdoors in rain or damp
From: Theresa <tgebauer@carolina.rr.com>
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2012 00:26:48 -0400
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I have played under those easy up shade structures in fairly moderate rain with 
good success. Set up in the center if possible but keep an eye on the center 
seam. After awhile it may begin to drip. Have a towel strip to slide under the 
strings to wipe drops off before you case the dulcimer.  Take a small sheet of 
plastic to cover and protect your case.  My experience the dulcimer stays 
pretty dry but the case is close to the tent edge and gets wet.
Modest rain your audience will be thrilled with anything you play.  Don't sweat 
the tuning chances are they will tune to you.  Just tap your a note.  They 
should catch on and tune to you.
You will know when to quit. Your audience will run for cover.
Thunder and lightening do the smart thing. The organizers should advise you 
with schedule changes and weather delays
Have a good show.

"ptommerup@juno.com" <ptommerup@juno.com> wrote:

>Got a question about the advisability of playing one's HD outdoors in
>rainy weather. 
>Obviously one would not want to play in a downpour under any
>circumstances, but my band is playing at an outdoor gig this Saturday
>in the SF Bay Area, and rain seems to be predicted. The other band
>members all play instruments with 4-6 strings (fiddle, banjo, guitar).
>They tend to be hardy souls who would probably not be deterred by a bit
>of damp. I, OTH, DO NOT want to discover that the 68 strings on my
>Dusty Strings D-300 HD have been compromised by misty weather, I
>understand we'll be playing under a shade structure, but that doesn't
>mean it's completely dry under there if it drizzles or rains.
>Anyway, just wondering at what point one would be prudent NOT to be
>playing one's HD in inclement weather conditions.  I'm asking because I
>have a feeling there will be some peer pressure to keep playing unless
>it gets really bad, and I want to have some solid data on which to base
>any decision not to play my HD. 
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