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[HD] which dulcimer amps do you like?

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Subject: [HD] which dulcimer amps do you like?
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Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 10:21:18 GMT
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I'm interested in getting a couple of amps: 1) a small cube type amp for solo 
amplification for my Blue Lion "Acoustic Jam" mountain dulcimer (large, 
"concert" type of instrument) and possibly also for my Dusty Strings D300 and 
D550 hammered dulcimers, and 2) a lightweight portable amp with 2 speakers for 
my group when we perform at noisy venues. We generally consist of 2-4 musicians 
with a variety of acoustic instruments, including: mountain & hammered 
dulcimer, guitar, octave mandolin, fiddle, banjo, accordion, harmonica, penny 
whistle, bodhran, bones, and sometimes French bagpipes. So far, we would have 
to mic 2-4 of these instruments at a time, plus have one or two vocal mics. 
Sometime soon, I'll be the first in the group to have a pickup installed in my 
Blue Lion MD. 

Since we mostly play acoustically, and are not terribly fond of the sound of 
amplified music, we are trying to keep our amp set up relatively small and 
unobtrusive in its impact on the sound and on our stage set up. We mostly play 
such gigs as festivals, weddings, parties, and living history events. The 
quality of being relatively easy to use and operate would be a welcome one. Oh, 
and we are not seeking to spend a huge amount of money on this fantasy set up, 
since we may not use it that frequently. 

Any ideas and advice  will be appreciated.   

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